Crazy Class Reunion

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I was going through some mail one afternoon when I came across an invitation. I opened it up to see what it was and noticed that it was an invitation for my 10-year high school class reunion. It was going to be held at a fancy hotel so that anyone who drank too much could book a room and spend the night. As I read it, I couldn't believe it had been 10 years since high school already. I sat on the couch and looked it over while thinking back to the old days. I wondered what had happened to some of my friends and was considering actually going. I figured it would be nice to run in to a few people and see how things have been with them. I decided that I would talk to my husband about it when he got home and see how he felt about going. A few hours later he arrived from work and we eventually sat down at the dinner table to eat. As we ate, we discussed our day at work. I eventually bought up the topic of the class reunion and quickly noticed that he had no interest in going. I was a bit disappointed because I had wanted to go to catch up with a few of my friends. We sat and talked about it and he told me that he really wouldn't feel comfortable attending it because he would know anybody there. I knew how he felt and realized he would be out of place but at the same time I really wanted to go. As we discussed it, he suggested asking one of my close friends whom I graduated with and see if she was going. I smiled as he brought up the idea and realized that I could probably convince her to go and the two of us could catch up with our old friends. I finished up with dinner and eventually gave her a call. After some chatter, I bought up the topic of the invitation and she said she had gotten one as well. I asked her what she thought about going together and she was all for it. We ended up deciding that we would go and enjoy ourselves while catching up with our old classmates and it was probably a pretty good idea if we booked a room together so we could both drink and neither one of us would have to worry about driving. I told her it sounded like a great plan and after some more chatter we eventually got off the phone. I then told my husband about our plan and he seemed relieved that he wouldn't have to go. I on the other hand was very excited because I really look forward to catching up with my friends.

A few weeks went by and it got closer and closer to the reunion date. A few days before, I went out and did a little shopping so that I can have something nice to wear. I ended up buying a nice dress that ran down to my knees and showed just a little bit of cleavage. I wanted to show off a little bit, but not too much. I bought everything that I needed and was ready for the weekend. The following Friday night was the date of the reunion. I finished up at work and headed home to shower and get ready. Once I had showered, I headed into my bedroom to get dressed. I put my dress on and loved the way that it looked on me. It bought out a lot of my curves and I was very happy. I finished up getting ready and made my way into the living room to wait for my ride. My friend eventually arrived and after telling my husband that I was leaving, we were on our way. The hotel wasn't too far away so we made pretty good time. Once we arrived, we checked in at the front desk and headed up to our room. Once we were in the room, we put the finishing touches on our makeup and then decided to head down to the lounge for the reunion.

The two of us walked into the reunion and I immediately noticed some heads turning to check us out. That made me feel good because I knew I still had it after all this time. We walked in and made our way to the bar to grab a couple of drinks. Once we had our drinks in hand, we made our way around the lounge and began to mingle with some of our old friends. We made our way through the lounge and eventually ran into a group of guys that we had hung out with a lot during our school years. There were six of them sitting at a table, having a few beers when we walked up. They all looked up and were surprised to see us but quickly got up to greet us. After we all greeted each other, we joined them at the table and began to chat. The eight of us ended up spending the next hour or so catching up on old times while enjoying a few more drinks. Eventually some of the guys suggested we all hit the dance floor and everyone agreed. We were all in a pretty good mood by now after having drank plenty of alcohol. We all made our way out onto the dance floor and began to move to the music.

As we danced, a few other female classmates came over and joined us and before we know it everyone was on the dance floor having a great time. We ended up spending most of the night dancing with one another while taking the occasional break to hit the bar for a few more drinks. As the night went on, I found myself feeling thankful that we had booked the room because there was definitely no way I would be able to drive home that night. I was feeling pretty tipsy and mellowed but at the same time I felt great. I was enjoying myself and letting loose, which was something I hadn't done in a very long time. I usually didn't dance with other guys, but since my husband wasn't here and I was pretty drunk, I was having the time of my life. The guys all took turns dancing with me, making sure to rub up against me as often as they could. On occasion I could feel hard cocks rubbing against my ass as I danced with different guys but it didn't bother me. It was nice to know that I could still turn someone on. I continued to enjoy the night and allowed the guys to grind up against me as much as they wanted. My friend was dancing a few feet away from me and was pretty much doing the same thing so you could say we were both having an awesome time.

The hours and drinks flew by and before we knew it, it was almost midnight. A couple of us stumbled off the dance floor, back to the table to grab our drinks. While we enjoyed them, on

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Notes I attend my class reunion and run into a few old classmates who want to party afterwards....
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